Released by Stauropygial Records

	Released by Stauropygial Records
*[I] Stop Asking Stupid Questions #5 (2003)/
*[II] Ankylym "Ketchup" (2003)/
*[III] Ankylym "9 1/2 minut" (2003)/
*[IV] Ankylym "U Volod'ki" (2003)/
*[V] Stop Asking Stupid Questions #2/#4 (2003)/
*[VI] Stop Asking Stupid Questions #5 / Bad Pheng Shui (2003)/
*[VIII] My portable doublesided twentyminutestereo miaow tape (2004)/
*[IX, XX] Stop Asking Stupid Questions #6 (2004, 2005)/
*[X] Free Tape #1/
*[XI] ConfettiClub 2004 Karnevalsparty/
*[XII] Masha & Lapsha (2004)/
*[XIII] Vybro Elvis Band & Ankylym (2004)/
*[XIV] Ankylym "Instrumenty" (2004)/
*[XV] Zloj Pop "Strufion Stereo Noise/The Soundroads" (2000, 2004)/
*[XXXI] GihtShasie/Tortured By Turtles (2007)/
*[XLII, LXXII] Ankylym "Otcy Myasa" (2007, 2015)/
*[LXVIII, LXIX] Ankylym "Volk" (2013)/
*[LXXIII, LXXX] Ankylym "Smrt" (2015)/
*[XCII] Ankylym "Vodonta" (2018)/
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